Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Former TDA chairman passes away

(Aigaforum Oct 21, 2006) It is with sadness we brought you this news. Aite Araya Zerihun passed away Oct 20, 2006 due to sudden heart attack. Araya was a proud father and one of a kind humanitarian person. He left the United States of America to serve his country of birth as the Chairman of Tigray Development Association(TDA). He had served TDA in different capacity since then.

Under his leadership TDA has made visible progress, a number of special schools were built like Kalamino high School and MIT(Mekelle Institute of Technology), different training centers, and TDA also participated on the state level in construction, transportation, education, health sectors, and the establishment of Selam Bus transportation

He was instrumental in establishing Mekelle Technical Institute, Kelamino( High school for gifted students) and the various successful TDA projects.

Araya was working day and night managing MAA Garment, the newly built garment factory owned by Sheik Alamudi. Against all odds his company, which is furnished with new, state-of-the-art production equipment and machines acquired from the most respected companies/factories in the worldwide garment industry, was becoming a very successful company.

Truly Ethiopia has lost Araya. Araya is survived by his wife and children. He will be remembered for his invaluable contribution to peace and development. We will miss you Araya. May the Almighty in his infinitesimal wisdom help his family recover from this sudden tragedy.

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